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Chapter 36: Summertime? Where?

Last night started the summer. But, where? At least not in UK. In this country is still winter. Yesterday was sunny almost all day, but today is completely cloudy again. Cloudy and rainy, cloudy and rainy, cloudy and rainy… Everyday the same song!!! I’m fed up with this weather!!!

Oficialmente anoche entró el verano en el hemisferio norte. Pero por aquí parece que Mr. Summer no ha querido pasarse. Sigue leyendo


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Chapter 35: Almost KO

A knock hurt you more if you don’t wait it. I had started to work in a shop (Spianata & CO) last week and I was very happy with this job. I was in training, but I thought I would get the work. However, yesterday the manager told me I’m not the right person for this job. I knew that I wasn’t doing everything very well, but at first it’s more difficult to understand everything and remember everything. I didn’t hope this bad news. Maybe for this reason I feel almost knock out.

Si hace un par de semanas calificaba mi experiencia en el Shakespeare’s Globe como uno de los mejores días que he vivido en Londres, el de ayer fue probablemente el peor de todos con diferencia. Sigue leyendo

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Chapter 34: Joaquín Reyes’ Show

Joaquín Reyes is a Spanish humorist. I like him very much and yesterday I could see his show in London. He came here for the Comedy Carnival, a great spectacle in the Clapham Grand, a wonderful and beautiful theatre. Last night was really good. I took this photo with this comedian.

La de anoche pudo ser la noche más manchega de Londres gracias a Joaquín Reyes. Su típico humor con denominación de origen se esparció por todos los rincones del Clapham Grand, un teatro Sigue leyendo

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Chapter 33: God take the Queen (away)

British people are very crazy. They love the Queen. She is like a Goddess for them. I can’t believe it. It’s incredible this happens in XXI century. I can understand that somebody is for monarchy, but I can’t understand this passion, this madness for a Queen. In Spain it’s impossible to imagine something like this. There are some people who like King Juan Carlos a lot, but not in the British way. The peole say: “God save the Queen”. But I prefer to say: “God take the Queen… far away”.

De verdad que no me puedo imaginar que el Rey Juan Carlos reciba en España un baño de masas semejante al que le han dado estos días los británicos a la Reina Isabel II de Inglaterra. Ya no sólo por Sigue leyendo

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